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Los Angeles, Friday Afternoon Fandom Time
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The return of Angel's child, now grown-up and furious, had made for a complicated few months in Los Angeles. Personally, Wesley didn't know how Buffy dealt with this sort of thing. (Not the return of kidnapped children -- just general supernatural team management.) That was part of why he'd thought he'd go ahead and give Willow a call -- to see what was going on with the Scooby gang and verify that they weren't dealing with the same sort of madness that Wesley's team was.

"...so the town's a crater, but it's fine, we're dealing," Willow finished, while some static on the other end of the line let Wesley know that she had probably abandoned some other task in order to take this call. "Not now, Ken," he could vaguely hear her saying, making Wes smile. "What's going on over there?"

Wesley cleared his throat. "Well, the gist of it is that the entire world was briefly enslaved by the child of Cordelia and Angel's son," he explained, earning a nonchalant hum of understanding from Willow on the other end. "We took care of it, naturally. And tomorrow we've all been invited to take a tour of a new office space. Well. Not a space per se, it's more of a... company that wants to hire us. I don't think it's going to pan out, but..."

"Oh, yeah?" Willow said. "What company?"

Wes winced. "Erm, Wolfram and Hart?"

"What?" Willow sputtered.

"Right, that one," Wesley said. 'It's most likely a prank of some kind. I don't think we're really seriously considering it..."

"Right, you shouldn't," Willow agreed emphatically. "They're evil."

"I've heard," Wesley promised her mock-solemnly. "So... that's about it on our end, I'd say. How's Dawn?"

[[nfb/open for phone calls and such!]]

Wesley's Apartment | Los Angeles, CA | Thursday Night Fandom Time
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Read more...Collapse )

[[from angel 4x04, "slouching toward bethlehem."]]

A Darkened Warehouse | Tuesday Fandom Time
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[[adapted from angel 4x02 "ground state." nfb/nfi.]]

Wesley's Apartment | Los Angeles, CA | Monday Night Fandom Time
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Wesley's summer had been longfiguratively and literally.Collapse )

[[nfb/nfi! based on angel 4x01 "deep down," but pretty loosely, because of reasons. reasons of grossness. warning for kind of self-harm-ish behavior. ]]

A Bar, And Later, Wesley's Apartment | Los Angeles, CA | Monday Evening Fandom Time
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What's a high-ranking attorney at Wolfram & Hart doing at a dive bar? Why, stalking Wes, of course.Collapse )

Wesley is like Sam Winchester. For the love of god, don't hook up with him if you want to survive the show.Collapse )

[[mostly from angel 3x22, "tomorrow," with a little of my own stuff. i looooove this ship. nfb, but open for phone calls, and yay, i'm done with season three!]]

A Los Angeles Club at 782 West Palm Terrace | Thursday Evening Fandom Time
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Wesley hadn't been sure what to think when he'd gotten that anonymous email...Collapse )

[[nfb. from angel 3x21, "benediction." whee so close to done with s3!]]

Wesley's Apartment | Los Angeles, CA | Wednesday Afternoon Fandom Time
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Weeks had passed for Wesley since Gunn's visit, and in the meantime he found himself on the receiving end of peace and quiet.

Well. 'Peace' probably wasn't the word -- he certainly didn't feel peaceful; on the contrary, he was and continued to be angrier than he'd ever been, albeit a cold kind of anger. But it certainly was quiet.

Then came a day when there was another knock on his door, and he was quicker to answer it than he'd been the last time. Call it loneliness, call it desperation for someone to talk to. Wesley honestly didn't care.

In which a book changes hands and lying abounds.Collapse )

[[from angel 3x20 "a new world." this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show, omg. possibly number one. nfb, but open for phone calls, sure.]]

Wesley's Apartment | Los Angeles, CA | Tuesday Evening Fandom Time
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Since his visit to Kennedy's last month, Wesley had thought a lot about trying to resume helping the helpless as best he could without being a part of the Angel Investigations team, but he hadn't been able to motivate himself just yet. For the most part, he'd found himself sticking to his time-honored solution for dealing with conflict, which was, of course, alcohol.

Then tonight - not that he could name what day of the week it was, or even confidently identify the time of day - there was a knock on his door.

There were plenty of people who it could theoretically be, only some of whom wanted to kill him, but Wesley didn't get his hopes up for anyone good.Collapse )

[[taken from angel 3x19 "the price." nfb/nfi.]]

The Hyperion Hotel and Beyond | Los Angeles, CA | Wednesday Evening Fandom Time
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You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't shoot a policeman, then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet, then send it to his grieving widow and then steal it again! Then why would you steal a baby?Collapse )

[[WHEEEE. nfb, actually open for phone messages and texts because it's his damn birthday but he's not going to be answering just yet on account of what just happened. adapted from angel 3x16 "sleep tight" and heavily anticipated by yours truly for an unhealthily long time. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, amirite?]]


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